• August 6, 2012
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On Ceremonies
What we desire as ideals cannot be truth but only self-projected, a method of self-perpetuation. To desire truth is to deny it; for Truth to Be we must cease psychologically. What is the purpose then of ceremony? Most ceremony is designed to foster a sense of identity and belonging (to the tribe). A clear mind does not belong to anything or any group, for whoever belongs to one group will inevitably oppose another. Where there is division there is conflict.

On Chanting

There is no separation of sound as divine or non-divine. Love or ‘what is’ are not divisible, neither is sound. Is not the essence of freedom to understand one’s own absolute correctness and therefore be free of the need to adjust or become through chanting (which are fear)? The mastery of tantric bliss is not brought about by chanting. Chanting creates a form of hypnosis into which the mind creates a false silence and various self-projections (images of Jesus or Shiva for eg); all of which still represent duality. What is dual is not boundless since it has taken on a direction. We chant for a purpose and so it therefore has direction. The real meaning of the word ‘mantra’ means to ponder, and not make the mind dull and mechanical through the repetition of sound – no matter how coherent the note. Healing is automatic where there is love. What is the point of synchronising atoms if the following day your thought is toxic and corrupt? Freedom is understanding; not effort, not a practice.


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