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Shaman – a person engaged in methods of psychological exploration which include entering states of consciousness that are described as ‘meditative’ and and ‘near-death’. Fully conscious and alert during these processes, a shaman directs his investigations towards the gathering of wisdom and knowledge for the benefit of others.

Keeb has dedicated the last two decades of his life to the understanding of his own mind. Born in England and now living in London, Keeb is a practising shaman, music artist and ex-business entrepreneur. At the age of 21, he was first introduced to the world of shamanism by a circle of elders and hippies on a visit to London from rural England. What began as a chance meeting set in motion a long journey of psychological discovery that has seen Keeb embrace the fundamental essence of much Eastern philosophy, combining that with ancient perennial wisdoms from the West. This combination has stimulated hundreds of life-changing journeys into the death experience, the findings from which Keeb now brings to the forefront of the public mind with both humility and integrity. Explained using modern scientific terminology and accessible and relevant philosophy, Keeb’s presentation of the nature of reality is both simple and skilful. Keeb presents many new truths and delivers his ground-breaking treatment of Buddhist thinking.

Educated at an English boarding school, Keeb went on to graduate from one of the country’s leading universities before setting up a string of successful businesses. Keeb’s background in youth culture and immersion in the urban world of commerce and corporate marketing render both his lifestyle and his message of immediate relevance to contemporary western culture.

This is website along with other plaftforms such as youtube, facebook and twitter contain a series of online teachings and is the beginning of a wider project that will bring Keeb’s discoveries, and those of many before him, into the public domain. Free from the restrictions imposed by the world’s organised religions and informed by the findings of contemporary science, Keeb promotes a form of questioning mind in his radical new approach. His rigorous investigation into the nature of reality has led him to understand it as a theatre for life to explore meaning, as an intelligent process and means of examining concepts in the name of experience, ethics and growth. The fruit of this investigation has been carried onto the pages of his books.


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